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Traditional training methods are becoming a thing of the past. Signing up for a gym membership simply to use resistance machines and treadmills is no longer the go-to way of staying fit. It is widely known that strength and cardio training are the main elements of fitness. For a long while, people have naturally separated the two to achieve desired results. This may be what you are used to but there is a new, more efficient way to stay fit and it’s called high intensity interval training, or HIIT. This innovative training method has combined cardio and strength training to create one of the most effective training regimens known to man.

What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training is a form of training performed by fitness professionals worldwide in search of noticeable results fast! Before the introduction of HIIT, people would generally go to the gym for roughly an hour and mosey from machine to machine. Even when they would cardio train, it would usually be at a steady rate. While results may still be obtained from these methods, there is a more effective way of going about it.

HIIT sessions rarely exceed 45 minutes and take advantage of every single one of them. It is organized in a station-based setting where each station requires a different physical activity. Extended bursts of activity are followed by short periods of rest. This keeps your heart rate up as you transfer from station to station, allowing you to get the most out of your training session. This training method is highly beneficial and is open to fitness seekers of all ages.

Benefits of HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training is beloved by many because of its heralded benefits. It consistently provides fast results for all individuals willing to dedicate themselves to this intoxicating workout. If you have been considering this innovative training method, ponder no longer. Here are the top benefits of HIIT.

Builds Endurance

You will push your body to its absolute limit during a HIIT session. It is normal to feel sore after your first session, but the key is to keep going. As you continue to perform this high intensity workout, your body will slowly adapt to keep up with the physical demand. This builds muscle endurance and allows you to train harder, longer.

Whenever, Wherever

There are no bulky resistance machines needed here. All you need is your body. The only rule for an effective HIIT session is that you keep the intensity high. Whether you are alternating between burpees and pushups or box jumps and short sprints, simply maintain a high energy level for a successful HIIT workout.

Afterburn Effect

Through a process called EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption), the body continues to burn calories after you have completed the session. HIIT requires an immense amount of energy and the body needs time to recover. This can you have you burning calories 24 hours after your workout has ended.

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