Smryna Nutrition Counseling

Any fitness junkie would agree that nutrition is a key aspect of fitness. You can lift all the weights you like but if you are not giving your body the fuel it needs to generate energy, you will never get those heralded results. Some people believe that if you do not eat at all before working out that you’ll get the best results. Others believe you should eat directly before a workout. Both have their drawbacks but fueling your body does not simply mean eating. What you eat and how often you eat also plays a major role in your overall health. Nutrition is highly important and we are here to make sure you benefit from what proper nutrition has to offer.

Proper Nutrition + Weight Training = Results

Proper nutrition deals with everything from caloric intake to consuming protein-rich foods. Before you ever lace up your sneakers for the gym, you will notice the effects of proper nutrition. You will begin to lose inches around your waist, shed excess body fat, and promote lean muscle growth when you practice proper nutrition. Keep this in mind when approaching nutrition:

  • Consume enough fiber
  • Trade large, spaced out meals for small, frequent meals
  • Consume protein
  • Limit or eliminate alcohol consumption
  • Be cognizant of nutrition labels
  • Eat the right fats
  • Drink plenty of water

The key to maximum results is commitment. You must commit to your healthy lifestyle and understand that it is a lifestyle and not a diet. Such nutritional practices will promote a healthy physique and allow you to mold your body into ideal physical form. There are few ways that ensure commitment better than through the acquisition of a personal trainer.

Personal Training Options

A personal trainer can provide you with all the tools to succeed. Aside from outlining a training regiment, you will also be supplied with a nutrition plan. This detailed plan will highlight the foods that you should eat and the ones to stay away from for the best possible results. Your personal trainer will also suggest snacks to eat between meals to promote a healthy metabolism.

As a bodybuilder in training, your nutritional needs vary from those who are simply looking to lose weight. The nutrition advice that you may find online or get from a friend may work for them but not for you. You need a personal trainer that has experience in the world of bodybuilding and can outline a nutrition plan that works toward your goals.

Titanz Fitness has the personal trainer for you! Our qualified personal trainers have a range of specialties from health and nutrition to bodybuilding. Through a thorough fitness examination, you will be able to choose the personal trainer best for you. We have a full cast of personal trainers at our Smyrna gym who can outline a nutrition plan to be coupled with training for optimal results. Contact us today for a free personal fitness evaluation.

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