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The number of fitness avenues is seemingly endless, and they all have their own associated benefits, but it can be difficult to choose one that works for you. While many people choose to simply go to the gym, hop on a few machines and leave, there are others who wish to up the intensity just a bit. One of the fitness methods best known for being able to do just that is Zumba. Created in the early 1990s by Colombian dancer, cyclist, and choreographer Alberto Perez, this exercise fitness program has spread like wildfire and has many individuals yearning to reap its many benefits.

Health Benefits of Zumba

Although the basic principles of Zumba are highly similar to that of a dance class, it provides a workout like no other exercise of its kind. Through the implementation of dance and aerobic movements, participants find themselves burning hundreds of calories while enjoying a great fitness session with friends and strangers alike. Titanz fitness is one of the many locations nationwide that has adopted the Zumba fitness program. Gym members can register for classes under the instruction of a Smyrna Zumba instructor and gear up to experience its numerous health benefits:

  • Inclusive: Unlike many overly intense training regimens that require participants to be experienced athletes or have some type of athletic background, Zumba is completely inclusive. Fitness junkies and newcomers alike can step into a class and enjoy the fun-filled training session.
  • Mood-Boosting: Working out generally boosts your mood as it promotes the release of endorphins. Zumba is a combination of two activities that release endorphins: dance and exercise, effectively doubling the mood-boosting benefits.
  • Social: Regular gym training is commonly an independent activity. You go the gym with your headphones in, do your routine, then head home. Zumba is a room full of individuals dancing to the same beat and having a great time.
  • Full Body Workout: Similar to going for a run or partaking in a sport like basketball, football or soccer, Zumba recruits every muscle in the body during each class. This is one of the greatest benefits as you can get in a quality cardio workout while dancing to upbeat music.

Join Us at Titanz Fitness!

Titanz Fitness houses experienced Smyrna Zumba instructors who are trained and certified in this specific training method. Are you ready to ditch your boresome workout and turn your fitness efforts up a notch? Join us at Titanz Fitness for engaging Zumba classes that will have you burning calories, interacting with others, and having an overall great time.

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