Smryna Olympic Lifting

Professional athletes and everyday fitness seekers often experience similar struggles when searching for the most effective training method. Although personal fitness goals may differ vastly, there are few training methods known for providing more impeccable results than Olympic lifting. Titanz Fitness brings world-class training to Smyrna with our Olympic lifting personal trainers. Our fitness center houses Olympic weights and platforms for optimal training efforts.

Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic weightlifting has been proven effective for experienced bodybuilders and casual trainers alike. This is so as this form of training focuses on exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups to perform the lift, better known as compound movements. Those who commit to Smyrna Olympic lifting can expect to increase power, jumping ability, and sprinting speed, while improving body composition and flexibility. Here’s how.

Gain Power

Increased power is seen as the ability to display strength from training in a short timespan. Olympic lifting is most efficient at helping individuals gain power as it takes compound movements to the extreme. People rightfully implement traditional compound movements like squats and deadlifts into strength-building training regimens, but they do not come close to the efficacy of snatches, clean presses, and jerks.

Jump Higher

Those who wish to jump higher commonly pursue Olympic lifting as it effectively improves hip explosiveness. The hips are where you generate all of your power when jumping. The quicker you’re able to crouch down and explode upwards in a fluid motion, the higher you’ll jump. By repeatedly implementing Olympic lifting into a workout plan, one can expect to a see an improvement in their jumping ability.

Run Faster

Olympic lifting helps individuals run faster because it drastically improves starting strength. The starting strength needed to dip down for a jerk is the same strength required in the initial steps of a sprint. By repeatedly performing such exercises that build strength in key muscles, one can impressively increase his or her sprint speed.

Improve Flexibility

One of the most overlooked benefits of Olympic lifting is improved flexibility. Performing exercises like overhead squats and drop snatches ideally increase strength and power but simultaneously increase flexibility in the hips and shoulders. Having a limited range of motion puts weightlifters at risk for sustaining injuries while also limiting their ability to perform particular exercises correctly. The more flexible you are, the safer it is to perform movements and progressively increase your weightlifting amount.

Start benefiting from Smyrna Olympic lifting when you join us at Titanz Fitness! Our 24/7 facility accommodates Olympic training and our experienced staff of personal trainers can guide you through your weight lifting progressions. Whether you are training for a bodybuilding competition or pursuing a new training method, we have everything you need to reach your fitness goals! Contact us today to schedule your personal fitness evaluation.

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