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Group fitness is not only restricted to cycling and kickboxing classes. A host of other types of group training activities are known for their high intensity. Training individually is a standard approach to fitness. People see it as a way for them to monitor their progress gradually and without outside interference. These individuals may have good intentions, but training independently can stand in the way of seeing results.

Many people fail to make the progress they’re looking for due to their lack of knowledge. Not knowing what exercises to do, when to do them, and for how long can ultimately lead to months of training with few results to show for it. Some fitness enthusiasts also lack understanding when it comes to knowing when to heighten the intensity and when to take time off to avoid an injury. Group training solves all of these issues and more.

Benefits of Group Training

People choose to train in groups for a reason. They understand that they are more likely to meet their goals by partaking in a collaborative effort with the support of enthusiastic trainers and peers. Those who trust the efficiency of a Smyrna group fitness class will be the first to reap the benefits of group training.


Fitness seekers often find themselves in search of motivation. The motivation is usually to reach a certain weight, gain energy, or to have the ideal physique. All of these are reasonable goals, but merely wanting to reach these objectives is not enough to get you there.

Group fitness instructors provide unparalleled motivation. Their duty is to make sure all class members make it through each session and continue to push themselves physically and mentally. This helpful nudge is likely the difference between skipping a day of training and relentlessly striving to achieve fitness goals.


Holding oneself accountable is harder than it sounds. Some days it can be easy to say “Just missing one day of training won’t hurt.” That one day quickly turns into two and starts a domino effect of unfavorable decisions.

Training in a group adds an unsuspecting accountability structure. Not only do the fitness instructors motivate everyone during the session, they push people to come back and continue striving for health and wellness. More often than not, class members hold each other accountable as they bond through their shared fitness journey. The added accountability can make it that much easier to commit to a training regimen.


Lack of structure can deter even the most adamant of gym goers. Not knowing what exercises to do is a common claim and can cause individuals to simply do what they see fit. This method is likely to lead to unintended results — if any — which they could have avoided under the guidance of an experienced fitness instructor.

The certified Smyrna group fitness instructors at Titanz Fitness have intense training classes designed to produce maximum results. Our classes include TRX, Upper Body Blast, Lower Body Blast, and Tread N Shed, each of which is instructed by an exceptionally qualified group fitness instructor. Take the first step in transforming your body when you book a class today!

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