Smryna Group Fitness and Training

Do you love going to the gym but also want the feeling of camaraderie? Titanz Fitness has you covered! Not only is our facility supplied some of the best training equipment around, but we also offer multiple group fitness classes. With certified and experienced personal trainers to ensure that everyone is exercising safely, our group fitness and training classes are in a league of their own.

Why Group Fitness?

Group fitness workouts can give you motivation that you might not get when working out on your own. Our certified instructors can safely push you and other group members to their limit. You may find someone in your class that is at the same fitness level as you which can create a friendly rivalry.

Learning in a group fitness environment is like learning in a classroom. Watching others attempt to do the same workout as you can give you a visual example of how to perform the exercises. Small group classes allow members to receive individualized attention to ensure everyone utilizes proper form throughout the session. This helps prevent injury while maximizing the effectiveness of each class. Our group training sessions include a wide variety of workouts with a schedule to fit your busy lifestyle.

What Group Classes do We Offer?

We have classes designed to focus on specific muscle groups and cardio. Our classes include:

  • Upper Body Blast
  • Lower Body Blast
  • Tread N’ Shed
  • Spin & Sculpt
  • Conditioning Class

Each class provides equipment and a personal trainer to guide you to your fitness goals. Whether you’d like a total body workout or a class that focuses on individual muscle groups, our classes provide you with multiple options.

Our facility is unlike any other Smyrna group fitness and training club. With our multitude of different trainers and classes, you can pick your favorites or find your perfect combination through trial and error. Don’t forget to take advantage of a free consultation and meet with one of our personal trainers. They can help you get started on the right path to accomplishing your fitness goals. At Titanz Fitness, we take pride in our unique approach to group training and fitness. Start your journey today!

Personal Training

Meet with one of our Personal Trainers today for a free personal training evaluation. You’ll be on your way to a better body in no time!

Personal Training

Special price for people training for the first time at Titanz with select trainers. 3 sessions for $99.99 one time offer.

Need a Space?

Need a space to teach your classes? We’ve got the space for you! Private group fitness room available. Contact us for more information.

…Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid to get back in shape! We specialize in post injury and prenatal training. Call us and we’ll help!